5 Herbs for Beautiful Skin

5 Herbs for Beautiful Skin

Spring time is the perfect time to cleanse your body inside and out.

Here are 5 amazing herbs that have been used for centuries that will help cleanse, detoxify and nourish your body and help improve your skin. Because of our daily exposure  to environmental toxins, everyone can benefit from herbal detoxification in the form of supplements and herbal teas.

It is important to mention to consult with your doctor before taking any herbs/herbal supplements

1. Burdock – This herb acts as an antioxidant and has been used as a blood cleanser. Burdock helps eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body. Burdock also restores  liver function, and stimulates the digestive and immune systems.

2. Dandelion – this herb is a liver stimulator and diuretic and  helps to eliminate toxins from the body.  Dandelion is rich in antioxidants, making it a great immune booster and an effective detoxifying herb for treating acne.

3. Hibiscus – Hibiscus contains myricetin, an antioxidant which helps in reducing the production of collagenase which is an enzyme that works to damage collagen. This helps to control skin damage and improves the natural glow of your skin.

4. Licorice Root – Licorice Root is a detoxifying and cleansing herb that helps fight viruses and cleanses the colon. Licorice root has also shown to improved acne prone skin and hyperpigmentation.

5. Yellow Dock –  this herb is a great tonic and cleansing herb that improves colon and liver function. Yellow Dock is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to boost  the immune system. This herb is also a great anti-inflammatory and can help treat chronic skin issues like eczema.

How to use these Herbs

These herbs can be taken alone, as supplements or taken as teas. There are many more herbs that can benefit your body and skin in addition to these featured and there are also many products sold at health and vitamin stores that will cleanse and detoxify.

Butter & Sage Skin Apothecary  is expanding as a brand and will be providing supplements and teas with the goal to improve health holistically so it is important to educate everyone about some of the herbs we will be providing to our awesome tribe! 

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