Oil Cleansing: Effective & Beneficial For All Skin Types!

With a growing trend in natural skincare, you can find people are always looking to try out different ways to care for their skin minus the harsh chemicals such as detergents. In the midst of so many ways to do so, oil cleansing is bound to come up. What is oil cleansing you ask? Well, it is the method of using oil to clean your face and is considered a more gentle but effective alternative. This method is said to be apart of an ancient Korean face cleansing routine and is noted to be the reason for their smooth textured and clear skin.  Oil cleansing helps to balance oil production, remove dead skin & debris while nourishing your skin at the same time. I'm sure by now you thought about the idea of using oil to clean your face and you are wondering how does that work? I know, I questioned it too but the explanation is simple! If we can remember long ago while in chemistry we learned "like dissolves like" which is the very rule that makes oil cleansing so effective. Because most of the impurities on our face are oil-based, it easily binds to the cleansing oil while being massaged into your face. This allows the impurities to then be lifted and removed when rinsing the oil off. This will then leave your face clean and soft as a baby's bottom! There are many other benefits to oil cleansing which include your skin being more hydrated and antioxidants provided by the oil cleanser. 

There are many oils to pick from so one should choose according to their skin type. Butterskin Soaps took care of the guesswork for you and created two amazing Oil Cleansers to choose from. Both oil cleansers are made up of high-quality oils and 100% pure essential oils for added benefits to the skin!

Both oils will be available for purchase July 31, 2020


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